The Zan Bill stops in the Senate, betrayed by the secret vote

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The Zan Bill fell in the Senate. It was rejected even before the merits of articles and amendments were entered into. The hall of Palazzo Madama approved with 154 votes in favor, 131 against and 2 abstentions, by secret vote as requested by the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, for the non-passage to the discussion of the articles. This was enough to destroy the law on preventing and combating discrimination and violence based on sex, gender or disability.

The bill will not see discussion in the Senate, it will be able to start again in committee no earlier than six months and with a new text. The points that will probably be revised with respect to the text approved in the Chamber on November 4, 2020 are those that have sparked the debate in recent months. Article 1 with the definition of gender identity, the issue of pluralism of ideas in article 4 and article 7 with the establishment of the national day against homobitransphobia.

“There was nothing we could do against the trap but postpone it briefly. A political force withdrew from the majority only for a game linked to the Quirinale match. Those who hid behind the secret ballot will assume their responsibilities in front of the mirror at home, ”said Alessandro Zan deputy of the Democratic Party and first signatory of the law. “A political pact has been betrayed that wanted the country to take a step towards civilization. The responsibilities are clear “added Zan who had asked President Casellati not to grant the secret vote that” could have killed the law “.

The bill, as it was passed in the House, is effectively dead. He did not take long to comment on the opponents of the measure. For the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini the arrogance of Letta and the 5Stelle was defeated, who said no to all the mediation proposals, including those formulated by the Holy Father, associations and many families, and drowned the Zan Bill. Now let’s start again from the League’s proposals: fight discrimination by leaving children out, freedom of education, gender theory and crimes of opinion
“. On the other side the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta he attacked: «They wanted to stop the future and bring Italy back. Yes, today they and their Inguacchi won in the Senate. But the country is somewhere else. And soon we will see ». The supporters of the law missed 23 votes, most of them to be found within the center-left.

“The Zan Bill is not dead today,” he commented for Vanity Fair LGBTQ + lawyer and activist Cathy La Torre. “The possibility that this country is endowed with a law that protects people from unnecessary and unacceptable violence and injustice is dead.”


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