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“There are still 120 hostages and we will find them,” says Israel as it continues military operations in Gaza

Israel’s military operations in Gaza continue daily, both in the south and in the central strip and the north. The 98th Division completed ground and underground operations in eastern Deir al-Balah and eastern Bureij in the central Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers located weapons, killed approximately 100 terrorists and targeted more than 100 terrorist structures. According to the IDF, Israeli soldiers destroyed dozens of terrorist infrastructure sites and rocket launch sites located near communities in southern Israel. At the same time, the destruction of Hamas tunnels continues according to the IDF. The soldiers of the Yahalom unit destroyed two tunnels, each one kilometer long, containing rooms and weapons, and destroyed more than two kilometers of the tunnels. Soldiers of the 98th Division, including the Parachute Brigade, the Kfir Brigade, the 7th Brigade and the Yahalom soldiers, carried out various operations that contributed to the success of Operation Arno, with the rescue of four hostages. 98th Division Commander Dan Goldfuss noted that “there are still 120 hostages in […]
Source: News Beast

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