There is no point in having big New Year’s Eve parties, says Nicolelis about Ômicron

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Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, said this Tuesday (30), in an interview with CNN, that it makes no sense to keep New Year’s Eve parties or even planning for Carnival after the advance of the Ômicron variant of the coronavirus.

“What in my opinion we should do in Brazil: first is not to continue this chaotic relaxation, not to eliminate masks, not to have plans for big New Year’s Eve parties or even Carnival. It makes no sense for us to think that it is possible to have New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro with millions of people in Copacabana”, declared Nicolelis.

The state secretary of Health of Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre Chieppe, claimed, in an interview with CNN Radio, that the fact that there is a schedule for New Year’s Eve and Carnival “does not mean that eventually restrictive measures cannot return.”

According to Nicolelis, the decision of the São Paulo government to eliminate the use of masks in open spaces was “a blunder”, because it contributes to the increase in new coronavirus infections and the development of new variants.

“When you say you are going to remove masks, especially in a country where people have no experience in using masks and do not understand that this release is only for outdoor environments and not for indoors, when you are together with other people in a In a closed environment, you create tremendous confusion and conditions for people to transmit the virus, and keep the virus circulating,” he explained.

The São Paulo Executive said on Tuesday that it will reassess the rules on the use of masks in open places after the confirmation of two cases of the Ômicron variant of the new coronavirus in the state.

“Our parameter has always been the epidemiological scenario in São Paulo. And, therefore, we need to know the impact of the new variant with the flexibility of using masks in open spaces. It is necessary to be cautious and evaluate this new element. Our commitment is to the health of the population”, said Governor João Doria (PSDB).

Reference: CNN Brasil

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