There will be a second season of the reality show dedicated to the D’Amelio family

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The first season of The D’Amelio Show, the Hulu reality show dedicated to the D’Amelio family, has been available for a few weeks on the streaming platform, but the second season has already been announced.

In short, as in the forecasts of the creators, the show had a great return from the public and we fans of the sisters D’Amelio finally we can have some more details about their life, away from TikTok.

We know very little about the broadcast: it is known that registrations for the new episodes will begin shortly, but it is not yet known when they will be available. Most likely by mid-2022. On the “what will we see” front, however, we will continue to follow the career in the music field of Dixie and the new social projects of Charli. The protagonists, of course, are the parents, Heidi and Marc, but also Noah Beck, the boyfriend of the eldest D’Amelio, friends Who Blackwell, Madi Monroe and Avani Gregg.

Perhaps, there will also be room to show the rapprochement between Charli and his ex Chase Hudson. We know well that the two broke up very badly and that the most followed tiktoker in the world said that she had managed the breakup between them very badly and that she will no longer talk about her private life on social media, but also declared that her ex he misses a lot as a friend and would like to try to mend the relationship. So, maybe we could also see the two in a new guise.

We hope there will be new updates soon. Meanwhile, we constantly keep an eye on the Instagram accounts of Dixie e Charli: surprise announcements could be on the agenda.

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