There will be no more new FIFA games from EA: the contract ended after 30 years

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Today, May 10, representatives of Electronic Arts officially announced that FIFA 23, which is scheduled for release this fall, will be the last game in the franchise (for almost 30 years) with the name of the International Football Federation in the title. The fact is that the contract signed by FIFA and Electronic Arts has officially expired, so the former partners will no longer cooperate in the future. Accordingly, all future football simulators of the company will receive a new name – from June 2023, the flagship franchise of EA Sports will be called EA Sports FC.

At the same time, it’s probably not worth worrying about the future of the franchise at all – the fears of fans that Electronic Arts, like Konami at one time, were immediately dispelled in an official statement from the company. EA Sports representatives said that the end of cooperation with FIFA and the creation of a new EA Sports FC brand will not affect the final quality of the product, and the content of video games will be as impressive as before. Moreover, the developers promise to add even more game modes, features, teams, leagues, players and competitions already in FIFA 23 than previously presented. And this is actually easy to believe.

EA Sports General Manager Cam Weber said last year that the company plans to renegotiate its licensing agreement with FIFA. Then he said that Electronic Arts will take into account the huge amount of its own licenses received for a football simulator – ranging from football teams to entire leagues. On the same day, information appeared that Electronic Arts had filed an application in the UK to register the EA Sports FC trademark. Apparently, in fact, the FIFA license did not give the company so much potential content, which simply did not cover the costs of the license from the federation.

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