These 10 shares of the S&P 500 ‘burned’ 4.1 trillion. investment money in the first half of 2022

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The first half of 2022 ends today and investors say goodbye to it with relief, as they are not expected to miss it: during it, the S&P 500 index fell by 21.4%.

But which of his shares suffered the heaviest losses, along with those that held them in their portfolio?

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The following are the 10 companies whose capitalization received the biggest blow in 2022, at least until the first hours of the June 30 meeting.

These are not necessarily the stocks that had the worst return in percentage terms, but companies that are so large that the blow to the absolute size of their capitalization was greater.

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Of course, this blow is currently only on paper for those investors who have been patient and have not sold their shares, expecting an upward turn of the market, whenever it comes.

So according to FactSet data, the technology giants Apple,, Microsoft, Alphabet, Metaas well as the giant of the automotive industry Tesla suffered the heaviest losses in absolute numbers.

These 10 shares of the S&P 500

In terms of percentage losses under the broader index of the New York Stock Exchange, the list varies considerably:


The presence of the streaming giant is recorded in both lists, Netflixas well as the payment systems company PayPal.

Source: Capital

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