These 11 new series will take away from the October blues. Do you like thrillers about maniacs?

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In October, the audience will see a lot of interesting new products. First, the fifth season of Sheldon’s Children is out, The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman continues, and Walker with Jared Padalecki continues. Secondly, such novelties are expected as the adaptation of the novel by Jules Verne with David Tenant in the title role, “Day of the Dead”, inspired by the film of the same name by George Romero, the series about the alien invasion from Apple TV +, the continuation of the story of the Chucky doll from the creators of the original tape, and many others. …

“Cleaning woman. The Story of a Single Mother “(Maid)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: October 1.
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This Netflix miniseries is based on Stephanie Land’s memoir, a New York Times bestseller. In them, the woman described her story. About the difficulties a young mother has to face in a world of poverty and abuse by men. About how not only to survive, but to change and rethink your values ​​in spite of everything. About not tolerating a terrible attitude, but changing the world around you, changing your environment, and also moving forward in spite of everything. And finally, that nothing in life is given just like that. To feed children, you need to work, in order to achieve something – to take steps towards this goal. After all, if you want to be, for example, a writer, you need to write.

Red Election

  • Platform: Viaplay.
  • Release date: October 3.

The Swedish project may be unexpectedly interesting, which is not released on Netflix, as happened with all more or less famous TV series, but on their native streaming service Viaplay. The story begins with a former KGB mole warning British Secret Service agent Beatrice Ogilvy (Lydia Leonard) that Red Back is the code word for launching a terrorist attack on British soil. However, before she can figure out the details, the informant’s employee is killed right on the street. To solve this case, she will have to accept the help of Danish secret service agent Katrin Poulson (Victoria Carmen Sonne). Will women be able to trust each other so that their partnership will help prevent a global catastrophe.

One of Us Is Lying

  • Platform: Peacock.
  • Release date: October 7.
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Another bestselling series. This time from Peacock based on Karen M. McManus’s One of Us Lies. Simon is a school outcast who brutally took revenge on his offenders on the Internet, revealing their worst secrets. Most recently, he posted another batch of revelations on the Internet. Four people were killed. Bronwyn is an A-class student entering the Ivy League. Eddie is the first beauty of the school. Cooper is a rising star in baseball. Nate is a young criminal on probation. By chance, five of them are detained after school. They stay in the classroom. And after a while, Simon is found dead. Each of the remaining four students had reasons and motives for the murder. Now the police have to figure out which of them is lying.

“Smart and beautiful” (Pretty Smart)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: October 8.

New Netflix series starring Emily Osmant. It is a sitcom created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mund, best known for works such as Crazy Ex-girlfriend and How I Met Your Mother. In the story, the Chelsea girl is an aspiring writer who graduated from Harvard. She considers herself very smart and does not really maintain a relationship with her sister, whom she considers narrow-minded. However, when Chelsea breaks up with her boyfriend, she has to move in with Claire for a short time. It turns out that she lives with three more neighbors: fitness trainer Grant, who prefers to walk around with a naked torso, healer Solana, who previously worked as a lawyer, and also blogger Jaden, whose best friend is his phone. At first, Chelsea only disgusts this company, but later she realizes that each of them has a lot to learn.

Around the World in 80 Days

  • Platform: BBC / PBS.
  • Release date: October 10.

British-American TV series based on the adventure novel of the same name by Jules Verne. In the story in 1872, an eccentric and phlegmatic adventurer and adventurer Phileas Fogg makes a bet with snobbies from the prestigious Reform Club, according to which he will travel around the world in just 80 days. In the company of his faithful assistant Jean Passepartout and journalist Abigail Fix, the hero embarks on the most desperate journey of his life in order to be on time and not lose a dispute for twenty thousand pounds. To do this, he will have to use all his ingenuity and ingenuity, as well as resort to the help of various high-tech devices of that time.

The King’s Affection

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: October 11.

Thanks to Netflix, October will also be a feast for fans of Korean cinema. The streaming giant has acquired the K-drama “The King’s Location” from KBS2. According to the plot, twins are born to the heir to the throne: a boy and a girl. Naturally, the boy will be raised as a future ruler, but the girl is ordered to be killed so as not to spoil the family tree. Nevertheless, the baby can be saved, but she must grow away from the palace. True, fate is making adjustments to this story. The boy dies soon after. The girl is returned back to the palace, but she will now live under the name of Lee Hwi’s brother. This secret cannot be disclosed even under the threat of death. But she seems to be developing romantic feelings for her teacher Jung Ji Woon.


  • Platform: Syfy.
  • Release date: October 12.

This mini-series is a sequel to the original film about the killer doll Chucky “Children’s Games”, which was created by Don Mancini and David Kirchner. Multiple sequels did not even come close to the level of the original. And the 2019 remake, although it was not a failure, went too far from the original source. Therefore, Mancini and Kirchner decided to release their own version of the continuation of the story. In the story, an old Chucky doll is on sale in one of the small American towns. This place immediately plunges into chaos. In addition, a series of brutal murders begins to expose the inner secrets of the city, which also turn out to be not very pleasant. Actor Brad Dourif, who voiced Chucky in the original films, is also returning to his role.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
  • Release date: October 15.

The slasher series is based on the novel of the same name by Lois Duncan, which was published in 1973. In the 90s, viewers could see a full-length film adaptation of this work starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The film was very successful and, as is usual with horror films, spawned many horrible sequels and parodies. In the center of the plot is a group of graduates from a provincial town, which, after a noisy party, accidentally knocks down an unfamiliar passer-by. A year after the tragic accident, they begin to receive mysterious messages. In fact, someone started hunting for the participants in that case. Interestingly, the fate of another serial remake of another famous horror movie, “Scream”, may depend on the success of this series.

Day of the Dead

  • Platform: Syfy.
  • Release date: October 15.

The multi-part zombie horror “Day of the Dead” is inspired by the horror film of the same name by George A. Romero in 1985. The series will tell about six strangers who are trying to survive in the first 24 hours after the dead have risen from their graves. Viewers are promised a classic zombie apocalypse in the spirit of early works on this topic. Without a touch of modern blockbusters. Unfortunately, at the moment, nothing more is known about the series.

Misfit: the Series

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: October 16.

Dutch musical series for Netflix. A group of schoolchildren are writing music, choreography and preparing to make their own musical. However, with the arrival of Agnes, the new headmistress, everything changes. Students are told that the most important thing is learning and grades. They are forced to wear the same uniforms, to pass tests for compliance with high standards, and generally forbidden to even think about music. Jamila disagrees with this state of affairs. She gathers other caring guys to secretly continue working on the musical. The headmistress, of course, suspects something and begins to put sticks in the wheels of the schoolchildren. Will a group of friends manage to fulfill their dream and reclaim the school?


  • Platform: Apple TV +.
  • Release date: October 22.

No sooner has the premiere of “Foundations” based on Isaac Asimov’s novels dying off on Apple TV + than yet another sci-fi series “Invasion” will be launched. He will tell about the alien invasion from different perspectives of different people on different continents around the world. Sheriff John Bell Tyson (played by Sam Neill) is about to retire, soldier Trevant Ward is serving in Afghanistan, Syrian refugee Anisha Malik happily lives with her husband Ahmed and children on Long Island, MCC employee Mitsuki is monitoring the implementation of the Japanese space program. All these characters are very different, they have little in common. But despite the fact that they are in different conditions on different continents, they will all have to face the same nightmare – a full-scale alien invasion of Earth.

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