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These are the 13 Israeli hostages released by Hamas

The 13 Israelis hostages released by Hamas the Israeli media present. These are women and children who were held for 49 days by the Palestinian organization.

THE 34-year-old Doron Katz – Usher and the two daughters aged 4 and 2, were kidnapped while visiting the Nir Oz kibbutz, near the Gaza border. Katz-Asher’s mother, Efrat Katz, was killed during the raid. Efrat’s partner was kidnapped and taken to Gaza along with his ex-wife Margalit Mozes.

THE 44-year-old Danielle Aloni and the Emilia’s 5-year-old daughter, were kidnapped from the same kibbutz. They were visiting Danielle’s sister, Sharon Aloni Konio, for the holidays. The 44-year-old and her daughter were taken to Gaza along with her sister Sharon, her husband David Konio and the couple’s twins, Yuli and Emma. Danielle was one of three women featured in a video released by Hamas on October 30 along with Elena Trupanov.

THE 54-year-old Keren Munter and Ohad’s 9-year-old sonwere visiting the parents of the former, Ruth, 78 years old and Abraham, in the kibbutz. Ruth, Keren and Ohad were kidnapped.

THE 72-year-old Adina Moshe, was kidnapped from her home in the kibbutz. Her husband, Said Moshe, was killed during the raid.

THE 85-year-old Jaffa Atar she was abducted from her home and taken to Gaza on a scooter driven by a Hamas man, an image that became a “symbol” of the war. Adar has three children, eight grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. One of her great-grandsons, 38-year-old Tamir Adhar, remains a hostage in Gaza.

THE 78-year-old Margalit Mozes kidnapped from her home in Nir Oz. Her ex-husband Gandhi, who lived near her, was kidnapped, while her partner was murdered.

THE Hana Katzir, 76, born in kibbutz, she is one of the founders of kibbutz Nir Oz, mother of three and grandmother of six grandchildren. She worked for years in the kibbutz daycare center. During the raid, she was abducted from her home and taken to Gaza. Her husband, Rami, a truck mechanic, was murdered in the house’s hideout. Their son, Eland, a farmer, was also kidnapped. Kajir is a disabled person and needs medical attention. On November 9, Islamic Jihad released a video of it. In it, she appeared with a 12-year-old boy, Yagil Yakov. The organization claimed that “it is ready to release them for humanitarian reasons”, but this did not happen until now.

Her daughter, Karmit Palti Katzir, led the fight for her release. She was also released Hannah Perry, 77.

SOURCE: haaretz.com

Source: News Beast

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