These celebrities are being brutally honest about motherhood; it’s not a fairy tale

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Motherhood is beautiful but it is also one of the most strenuous jobs that can exist, because from pregnancy you realize that raising and caring for a little person will be a series of endless challenges.

Many women prefer to skip all this and not have children, and that is an excellent decision that should be applauded. But there are others who enjoy motherhood, as well as talking about the good and bad of having children, like these celebrities.

1. Shakira

The singer has more than 30 years of artistic career, touring around the world and recording one album after another, but her job is not as tiring as that of being a mother of two little ones.

Before I was the center of my world, now I am more of a satellite of my children … The wear and tear (of being a mother) is physical, emotional and intellectual. It seemed like a Herculean task to think of making an album; how to climb Everest.

2. White Vega

Zuria Vega holding her children in her arms

Since she became the mother of Lúa and Luka, the actress assures that motherhood has not been easy.

One sees you and you are an actress, but we are ordinary moms. My children despair. There are days when I want to give them away. There is enormous physical exhaustion.

3. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde playing with her children

Otis Alexander and Daisy Josephine are her whole world, but also a few months ago she shared how difficult it is to be a mother.

I call this look “keeping my kids alive.” You’ll need: sweat, melted cheese, scuff cream, a bitten crayon, snot, and a gnawing hint of panic.

4. Natalia Jiménez

Natalia Jiménez holding her baby while she is put on makeup

With her hand on her heart, Natalia recognizes that her life has turned into a disaster since she became a mother.

I would say yes, that it is very easy to balance my life as an artist with being a mother, but I have not succeeded, my life is a disaster, but I put on makeup, I dress and it seems that nothing has happened here.

5. Geraldine Bazán

Geraldine Bazan posing for a photo with her daughters

Geraldine always tries to do a great job as a mom, but says she hardly ever knows what her daughters want and that it makes her feel desperate.

They are two girls who are five years old and love each other madly, but they fight over anything. It is something that can get to me out of my boxes and that makes me desperate a lot, but I hope that with age it stops happening.

6. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Whiterspoon reclining on a couch

The actress is tired all the time, but she knows how to hide very well, so she made it clear on her social networks when she shared a photo of her sleeping only a little.

Do you want to know how I can with three children and a full time job? This is how I do it.

7. Sandra Echeverría

Sandra Echeverría posing for a selfie with her son

When her little Andrés was born, the actress made it clear that she loved him, but that it was very difficult for her to understand him.

It is a very strong change, you do not sleep, you have to adjust to the baby and he to you. You don’t know him yet. You don’t know if he cries for one thing or another and makes you feel helpless not to know what he has.

8. Jacqueline Bracamontes

Jacquelin Bracamontes posing for a photo with her daughters

Having a large family is a huge challenge, but Jackie does a great job.

I am a mother of five, yes, of five and when I tell people about it they look scared. I haven’t had a rest since I gave birth. I’ve been running after the big ones, tending to the babies, and trying to make sure no one feels left out.

9.  Aislinn Derbez

Aislinn Derbez sleeping with her daughter

When she had her daughter Kailani, she knew that the process of being a mother would not be easy, especially when breastfeeding, and although she was about to give up, she managed to overcome obstacles.

Everything has happened. Thinking that I was not going to be able, intense pain, swearing that it is not enough, losing confidence, being nowhere from throwing in the towel, thinking that I should supplement with formula, better inform myself, regain confidence, clogged ducts, stretch marks, not being able to get off weight, etc., etc.

10. Marjorie de Sousa

Marjorie de Sousa holding her son in her arms

Marjorie has always made it clear that being a single mother is not an easy job, as she is the only breadwinner in her small family and the one who educates, cares and works.

I admire these women more than ever, I understand them mega. Being a mother, especially a single mother, is difficult but not impossible. I am trying to combine the two without affecting my work as a mother.

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