Thessaloniki: 13,340 new jobs were created in the first nine months of 2021

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Thirteen thousand, three hundred and forty new jobs were created in the first nine months of 2021 in the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, according to data obtained by the Regional Mechanism for the Diagnosis of Labor Market Needs of Central Macedonia from the “Ergani” system.

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Specifically, as announced at a meeting organized by the Mechanism for the data concerning the wider area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThessaloniki, in 2019 in Thessaloniki 13,121 new jobs were created, while in 2020 6,556 and in the nine months of 2021 13,340, compared to 5,545 for the corresponding period period of 2019.

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According to the primary survey of companies in the Region of Central Macedonia, conducted by the Regional Mechanism, when asked about the impact of the pandemic, representatives of businesses in Thessaloniki said that they were significantly more affected than those in other Regional Units, apparently due to number of service companies.

In a statement, the Region points out that the same survey recorded that from May onwards, both in the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki and in the entire Region of Central Macedonia, the creation of a significant number of new jobs was expected due to the expansion of activities of many of the participating companies. which at the same time stated their intention to fill vacancies to a very large extent.

Regarding the skills of the employees of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, it was found that the five prominent to which the employers referred are the Communication Skills, the Ability to Work in a Team, the Knowledge of English, the Special Digital Skills and Knowledge and the Organizational in the workplace. This is followed by the application of Time Management techniques in the work environment, the Flexibility in the approaches to emerging problems, the Adaptability and the Basic Digital Skills and Knowledge.

Source: AMPE


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