They create a human-shaped teddy bear to hug him and not feel forever alone

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Has it ever happened to you that you miss someone or feel alone at night? Well, those moments of solitude may have been in the past. It turns out that, thinking about this problem, three Bulgarian entrepreneurs created a teddy bear with a humanoid figure that you can hug whenever you want.

It’s about the company Loving Bear Puffy, which offers a teddy bear measuring 1.70 meters and only 3.2 kilos, with the figure of a human and the head of a half-sleepy bear. In addition, it is recommended as emotional support to alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

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Woman hugging giant teddy bear

According to the creators, this is the ideal option for when you miss someone or need emotional support. Among other benefits of this peculiar companion, it helps you sleep faster and more comfortably. Also, unlike a human, the doll doesn’t sweat or snore, and most importantly, it doesn’t complain.

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However, the official page warns that the first few days you have it you may feel strange, precisely because of its shape and size, but once you get used to it, it will become your best friend. Could it be him? The truth is, he does look a little weird.

Woman leaning on giant teddy bear for emotional support

On the other hand, the materials with which the doll is made make it of high quality, soft and fluffy, so you will not be able to resist hugging it to sleep or simply lying on it. Reviews even say that pets enjoy the bear.

The bear does not include clothes, so you can dress it however you want, according to the creators, it is a large size. The company is located in Bulgaria, but they ship internationally. If you’re interested, the price is around $167 plus shipping.

Woman lying down hugging a giant teddy bear loving bear puffy

In addition to loneliness, it may be useful for people who suffer from anxiety, depression or autism and need a safe place. Now that you know it, would you buy it?

Source: Okchicas

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