They do not just weigh, but monitor their health. Huawei Scale 3 Pro review

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Smart scales Huawei Scale 3 Pro, although wait, this gadget can be called scales only from old memory. Functionality has not been limited to weight measurement for a long time, bioimpedance analysis allows you to evaluate the body by two dozen parameters. The difference between the advanced Huawei Scale 3 Pro and other models lies in the handle with additional electrodes for a more accurate determination of body composition. I was lucky enough to be the owner of the Huawei Body Fat Scale without such tweaks – is there no reason for comparison?


  • Measured data: 22 body indicators.
  • Measurement range: from 5 to 150 kilograms.
  • Measurement accuracy: 10 grams.
  • Measurement technology: bioelectrical resistance analysis.
  • Number of users: up to 10 people.
  • Connection: single band Wi-Fi b / g / n or Bluetooth 4.2 BLE.
  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and above or iOS 9.0 and above via Huawei Health.
  • Body materials: tempered frosted glass and ABS plastic.
  • Power supply: 3 AA AA batteries.
  • Size: 320 × 320 × 29 mm.
  • Weight: 2250 grams.


At first glance, the Huawei Scale 3 Pro is a conventional scale with a tempered glass cover. To diversify the appearance, the surface was made matte and decorated with a blue gradient with a pinkish tint. It looks really unusual, a good option for those who are tired of just white scales.

The handle with electrodes, magnetised to the top, also stands out. It is pulled out on a sturdy Kevlar-braided cord that unwinds on its own after use. There are metal pads on the handle, they must be kept clean for good current flow.

The display is hidden and lights up as soon as the user steps on the scale. Note the two digits after the decimal point and the accuracy increased to 10 grams. This is one of the advantages of the Scale 3 Pro, because there is usually only one decimal place in a bathroom scale, and the accuracy is 100 grams. The minimum weight that the Scale 3 Pro will react to is cut off by 5 kilograms. It will be easy to weigh your luggage, but there will be problems with small pets. The maximum load is 150 kilograms.

The case itself weighs more than two kilograms and is held on the table more than reliably, thanks to four thick rubberized legs. The base is made of good plastic. Three AA batteries are already installed out of the box. The company claims almost a year of operation with daily weighing – there is no point in replacing batteries with batteries.

Impressions of use

All data on body performance from smart electronics in the Huawei ecosystem is collected in the Huawei Health app, or simply “Health” in the Russian version. It is available for Android and iOS, which means that compatibility is not limited to Huawei and HONOR smartphones. The pairing process is simple and step-by-step: select a device, enter your data and select your home Wi-Fi. I was confused only by the non-obvious name “Hagrid-B29-075” instead of the recognizable model name. Immediately after pairing, the device asked to update the firmware.

The functionality of the smart scale is based on bioimpedance analysis – measuring the electrical resistance of the body. This is an indirect method, most of the displayed indicators are calculated. For the Scale 3 Pro, a handle has been added to the electrodes in the housing to increase accuracy. Therefore, it is not enough just to stand on the scales, you need to bend over and take a handle in your palm, and then straighten up. Please note that for correct measurement, the feet must be barefoot and stand exactly on all four segments of the platform, the knees must not touch each other, and the elbows must not touch the torso. Everything about everything takes 25-30 seconds. If you just need to know your weight, just get on the scale and get the result in a few seconds.

I liked syncing over Wi-Fi. Ordinary smart scales with only Bluetooth to transfer data to a smartphone require opening a companion application, this takes some time and does not always work correctly. Scale 3 Pro independently transfer measurement results without additional manipulation. It is very convenient indeed. By the way, if the selected Wi-Fi point is unavailable, the scales will inform you about it by coloring the corresponding indicator in red. You can select another point through the companion application.

Functionality and comparison with the previous generation

Scale 3 Pro measures 22 body parameters in total. The most important, in my opinion: directly weight, percentage of fat, muscle mass, percentage of water in the body and the calculated body mass index. Bonus of the advanced version in the segmental calculation of body composition separately for arms, legs and torso. This is the merit of the handle with additional electrodes. Inside the description of each parameter without recommendations. Their absence is fair, this is not a medical device.

Results can be downloaded as a single card to send to a trainer or show to a doctor.

Someone now may doubt the usefulness of smart weights, since the key parameter is still weight, and conventional models can handle this. But wait, the main advantage of a smart gadget is saving the history of measurements: you can track the change in body indicators at a distance – compare with the last month and even a year. The data is separately saved to the accounts of all family members – Scale 3 Pro automatically determines who exactly got on the scales. Up to 10 users can be connected in total. There is a guest mode for one-time measurements.

The last generation of smart scales Huawei Body Fat Scale gives much less data. Also, successive weighing showed the difference in numbers. The weight, of course, is the same, but the indicators of fat and water in the body are very different. I did not take medical measurements, but judging by the physique, the Scale 3 Pro is shown more correctly due to the additional electrodes in the handle.

The first screenshot is Body Fat Scale, the next two are Scale 3 Pro

Recall after two weeks of use

The conclusion is banal: if today you buy scales at home, then only smart ones. And if someone in the family seriously monitors the state of the body or plays sports, you should prefer a model with additional electrodes, Huawei Scale 3 Pro just one of those. The main value of the gadget in maintaining the history of measurements is that it is very useful to see your indicators in dynamics. The particular model tested can be praised for its Wi-Fi, which syncs results much more conveniently than conventional Bluetooth.

I was upset by the overstated weighing threshold, 5 kilograms is nothing for a person, but sometimes you need to weigh the pets. There are no other reasons to swear, the new product fulfills its duties without any questions. The gradient design with a bluish tint seems controversial. It certainly looks stylish, but it may not fit into a particularly strict interior.


  • quality materials, frosted glass and good plastic;
  • increased accuracy up to 10 grams;
  • additional electrodes in the handle;
  • sync over Wi-Fi;
  • long battery life.


  • overstated weighing threshold up to 5 kg.

    May not like:

    • unusual gradient design.

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