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They light up a helium balloon to reveal the gender of their baby and almost set their house on fire

For some years now, baby gender reveal parties have become a trend, an event organized for parents, family and friends to get together to find out if the new member of the family will be a girl or a boy. These moments have been very emotional and important in the lives of the new parents, which is why they are shared on social networks, but because of this, we have also known the bad results that this dynamic can bring.

Although it seems that not much science is required to break the news, the truth is that some basic things of physics or chemistry do need to be taken into account at the time of revelation. We say this mainly because of the recent viral story where a couple revealed the gender of their baby on the way and using a helium balloon, things went horribly wrong.

baby gender reveal balloon

Through social networks, a video was shared of the moment in which the couple revealed the gender of their baby in front of all their acquaintances. In the clip shared by the user @ laurasalcedo66 we see how both parents are waiting for the black balloon to burst to finally find out if they would have a boy or a girl. However, these parents did not remember that it was a helium balloon and they used a kind of lighter so that when the balloon popped, smoke or dust came out in blue or pink.

Of course, the wick of the lighter did its thing and when it melted the balloon, the flame came into contact with the gas (helium) and caused a brief explosion that scared everyone present, including the parents-to-be.

couple reveal the sex of their baby

Despite how dangerous this event was, according to viral information, it is reported that it did not happen to adults and that they were very sorry that this did not allow them to know the sex of the baby at the party. Of course, when it went viral, users began to comment on it and some joked that the couple would not have a baby, but a dragon.

After Internet users began to question what had happened after this anecdote, the user who shared it stated that nothing more than the scare had happened and that they finally discovered that the new member of the family will be a girl.

If you are organizing a party of this type, take into account that perhaps it is best not to get so complicated and do it with confetti or colored powder, although, preferably, do not use lighters, with a needle or pin it is enough.


Response to @Laura Salcedo Everything went well, she is going to be a beautiful galactic explosive girl.

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