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They look like headphones for listening to music but they clean the ears

The excessive earwax buildup affects more than 35 million Americans, including 1 in 10 children and more than a third of older adults: a report it it is the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

In this regard, however, it is SafKan who proposes an automatic system for remove earwax formations from the ears and keeping the ear canals clean, among other things, is the first automated device approved for clinical use by the FDA, the US government agency that deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products.

For use by healthcare professionals only, OtoSet Clean Earing Set is a wearable that looks a lot like ordinary headphones over ear to listen to music but take advantage of a combined irrigation system and a micro-suction technology to carry out a quick, effective and uncomplicated cleaning.

Photo: SafKan – Otoset

Each pavilion has two separate transparent chambers: the upper one from fill with water or a liquid solution which will be used to carry out the irrigations while, the lower one, to contain the water and the cleaning waste.

During the procedure, the jet directed at the walls of the ear canal removes and breaks down the cerumen and at the same time the micro-suction removes the dirt placing it in the dedicated disposable compartment: according to what is reported by the manufacturer, cleaning takes less than 5 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes required by traditional procedures which, in some cases, are harmful to the hearing system and not very effective.

But how much is it? While not available in Italy, the OtoSet Clean Earing Set is only available to healthcare professionals for $1,876. around 1,760 euros, for the package which includes the supply of spare parts for 6 months. To date we do not know if the device will land in our borders and if anything there will be a version that can be used independently, directly at home.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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