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They sacrificed a chicken to the “god of rain” in the Mexican Senate – Wave of indignation

A hen was sacrificed in the Mexican Senate to offer its blood to the pre-Columbian rain god Tlaloc, a ceremony that caused a wave of outrage. The unprecedented scene was broadcast on parliamentary social media, but was interrupted when a participant, to the sound of drums, cut the bird's throat and collected its blood in a container. The ceremony was organized by Senator Adolfo Gomes, a member of the ruling Morena party, and was announced by the Senate's institutional networks. But in the evening the heads of the body distanced themselves from this initiative, putting the blame only on the particular senator. The Legislature “in no way condones the reported events and will take appropriate disciplinary action against the senator responsible,” according to a statement. Gomes excused himself by citing ancient customs. The Constitution of Mexico provides that it is appropriate to “respect the traditions of the indigenous peoples” of the country, he emphasized while speaking to journalists. Associations for the protection of animals recalled the opposite […]
Source: News Beast

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