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They were gay until they found each other – An unusual love story

After relationships with people of the same sex, they fell madly in love with each other and now have an “unusual heterosexual relationship”. The exes homosexualswhose romance has gone viral with 30.5 views on TikTok, say they “couldn’t be happier”.

“It’s an unusual match but we’re so happy,” 21-year-old Maren Butler tells the South West News Service. He only dated women before he met James Carrington on social media.

Videos of the 23-year-old wearing stiletto heels, fake eyelashes and painted nails caught Maren’s attention when she ‘hit’ him on TikTok in February 2021. “I remember watching his videos and saying how cool he is,” says Maren from California. “Before James I only dated girls but I was always attracted to men who looked like women because I love the combination of confidence and femininity.”

“She has a beautiful face and a beautiful smile. How can you not love him?” she continued.

Like Maren, the student at Tulane University in New Orleans only dated people of the same sex before he met her. “Even though I was gay before I met her, I wasn’t looking for romantic relationships with men,” he explained.

“Long before I met her, I only had one partner and that lasted a few months because it didn’t feel right. When I met her, something stuck and that’s how I knew she was something special,” he notes.


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After meeting online, we exchanged phone calls and spent hours on FaceTime every night for a month. They were united by their shared sense of humor and their love of R&B music.

In March 2021, she decided to make the 10-hour journey to visit him. “We had said to meet and I had two days free and I decided to meet him,” she says, saying that the long trip was worth it in the end.

“When I arrived, it was late at night. He was just like he was on the phone: funny, smart and confident.”

During her visit, she met their friends and family and they officially became engaged pair of last April.

And while in the world of the Internet their relationship has found a lot of support, in the real world their love does not meet the same acceptance. “When we’re out in public, kids and older people stare at us,” says Maren, claiming her mother was also shocked by James’ appearance.

“We don’t take anything personally as some people don’t know how to react and that’s OK. And while it’s awkward trying to explain our relationship, we don’t mind.”

And James’ father was surprised when he met Maren. And while he insists that he loves her now, he understands that many people find it difficult to accept their relationship. “Society is so used to putting people in boxes. So when you meet people as unique as we are, it’s hard for some people to understand how we present ourselves.”

The couple live in different states and visit each other when possible. But he plans to live in California soon.

“It’s important to live your life in a way that makes you happy and that is true to you,” is the message Maren sends.

Source: News Beast

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