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Thirty passepartout dresses perfect for autumn

Petticoat, in knit, balloon effect with oversized volumes and prints with prominent logos are the most desirable trends, as far as clothes are concerned, spotted on the Autumn-Winter 2021/22 catwalks. Beautiful and captivating, but in everyday reality, in office life or for an aperitif with friends, wearing such eccentric clothes can be quite complicated.

Hermès Autumn-Winter 2021-22. Gorunway photo

Courtesy Press Office

In autumn comes that certain desire to want to dress in the colors of foliage typically seasonal, with warm burgundy and enveloping greens, but also to feel protected and embraced by dresses cozy, to avoid the first cold. But most importantly, there is a need to wear passepartout easy, practical and comfortable, they accompany us from the morning, to the desk, to the evening, perhaps over a cocktail.

Cos Autumn-winter 2021-22. Gorunway photo


The real secret is the size, which must be average in any case. As far as the length of the hems is concerned, as well as that of the sleeves, so much, finally, the weight of the fabric. In the autumn wardrobe, therefore, go crazy chemisier, midi dresses, better if enriched with flounces, dresses that are tight like a second skin, but still comfortable, and the fascinating velvet dresses, soft and with iridescent reflections.

In short, desire again and, again, desire to go shopping: i 30 dresses to have now are below. There is something for everyone. And budget.


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