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This is a time machine – the eyes don’t lie. The programmer created an unusual solution in VR

The developer of the popular ShapesXR application for remote collaboration in virtual reality showed how he managed to create a “time machine” based on his utility. It works on the basis of panoramas from Google Maps – the user can select any point on the map and move to it (in virtual reality), and then rewind time back.

The instructions for creating a “time machine” are surprisingly simple: just select a point on the planet using Google Maps and activate a 360-degree panorama, then save it using a special service, transfer it to a sphere and load it inside ShapesXR. Brief instructions are shown in the second half of the video above.

In fact, the developer transferred the functionality of panoramas from Google Maps to virtual reality, where the immersion effect is many times higher. Thanks to this, the user can be inside a virtual street and see how it has changed in past years (if Google Maps created panoramas of it regularly).

Source: Trash Box

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