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This is how Alejandra Guzmán defended herself from a fan who improperly touched her at a concert

In addition to his incredible music and his extravagant outfitsanother of the things by which the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán is characterized is the constant controversy that has always been present in her life, which she has lived not only in the family and personal sphere, but also in her work environment.

Throughout her artistic career, the daughter of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán has been involved in several scandals involving some aggression by the singer towards some fan that he has wanted to be smart or that he has invaded his personal space too much, thus leaving the interpreter of Eternally beautiful with the image of a woman with an explosive character.

In case there was still any doubt about that, recently, a user revived on TikTok an old video of the also known as “the queen of hearts”, in which she was upset after a fan try to kiss her and touch her inappropriately. Her reaction generated a debate of opinions in networks.

The recording in question shows Alejandra Guzmán on stage at a concert she offered on April 29, 2015, Show that he offered in the Palenque de Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, during the celebration of the Livestock Fair known as Expogan Sonora. The clip, which is entitled “The video that Alejandra Guzmán does not want you to see”, was taken up and republished on September 22, 2022 by the tiktoker @reymoon37.

It turns out that during the event, a fanatic managed to outwit and dodge all the guards in charge of the rocker’s security in order to get close to the artist, who is interrupted by the girl while interpreting the theme of Devil. After hugging her, her admirer touches her breast and tries to kiss her cheek, which the famous woman does not take in a good way and that, at first, she tries to avoid.

After the woman’s action, Alejandra Guzmán stops singing and a couple of elements of the staff security intervene, move away as soon as possible to the fan from the stage and return her to her place in the audience. However, Silvia Pinal’s daughter was quite upset, so she walked in front of the follower’s seat and threw a tambourine that she had in her hand.

The reaction of the interpreter of make love with another It did not take long to generate opinions among users of the social network. While some users applaud the action of the Mexican rocker, a few others criticized her for the aggression, assuring that it was not necessary to go to such extremes. In addition, other Internet users took the opportunity to share videos that show the entire act seen from other angles.

“It was not on purpose, but, as always, people think the worst and defend acts like this”, “It was also disrespectful that Alejandra threw the instrument at the fan”, “The girl looks like she wants to hug her And out of emotion, he did not see where his hand was going, it was not intentional, the one that did happen is Alejandra ”, are some of the most popular comments in the publication.

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