This is how it should always be! Man becomes vira because he continues giving flowers to his EX

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Billy Fynn Gadbois is a 39-year-old man who wants to give his children the best example of how to love a woman, which is why he wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters a sincere confession in which he explains how he continues to do things for his ex wife.

His reasons have moved netizens because, without a doubt, he is giving them an incredible lesson about the love and respect that a couple should have after a separation, since it does not have to be offensive or painful.

An act of love and respect

Billy commented on the Facebook page that he always tries to send his ex-wife flowers, either on special days or just to remind her of how fond he still has for her.

Many questioned him why he continues to do all this when they are already separated and have no relationship, to which he wisely replied that although these types of questions bother him, he does so for these reasons:

Dad lying next to his sleeping children

Today is my ex-wife’s birthday, so I got up early and bought flowers, cards, and a gift for our children to give her; I also helped them make breakfast for her. People often ask me ‘why the hell do you do things for her all the time?’ That bothers me, so I’ll make it clear to all of you: I’m raising two little men. Your example of how I treat your mother will significantly shape how you will see and treat women and their relationships tomorrow.

I think even more so in my case, because we are divorced. So if you are not modeling good behavior in relationships for your children, you should rethink. Rise above the problem and be an example. This is bigger than anyone. Raise good men. Raise strong women. Please. The world needs you, now more than ever.

Dad lying next to his sleeping children

His act of love is worthy of applause, because this is how good and respectful men are forged who are capable of loving despite the differences that may exist between them and their partners or anyone else. So yeah, Bill Flynn Gadbois is undoubtedly father of the year and everyone should learn something from him.

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