This is how Jenna Ortega invented the hypnotic Merlina dance

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One quality that is to be admired in a cinematographic production is that it overcomes the tests of time and wins the hearts of different generations at the same time, because, as you know, it is common that when a movie or series is remade, the people who saw it the original version are not at all happy that they are touching their precious memories. But in the case of adaptations like the addams familythere seems to be a general consensus to love her above all things.

Few productions have the happiness of saying that they have touched hearts since 1964, since it was in this year that the first installment of the most famous gothic comedy premiered on American television. From then on, the Addamses have traveled between the film, cartoon and video game formats, reaching their latest installment, merlinreleased on Netflix on November 23.

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Merlina Addams iconic dance in Netflix series

Since then, the version focused on the eldest daughter of the exotic family has done nothing but succeed. And we could say that one of the main reasons for the success of the series is due to the fantastic cast, but without wanting to belittle the talent of each one of the participants, that Jenna Ortega devastated everything in her path does not go unnoticed to the extent that he invented a new dance style that everyone will surely want to show off at the inns.

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If you don’t know what we’re talking about, run and see merlin and then you come back, here we save your place. But those who immediately thought of the fourth chapter, entitled Woe What a Night, surely it is because they are already practicing the steps in front of the mirror. For this reason, if you are one of those who fell madly in love with this scene, you may be pleased to know that the steps were not choreographed, but that Jenna herself invented the macabre dance a few days before showing it in front of cameras.

The unsuspected talent of the Puerto Rican with Mexican descent left us stunned, because, at this point, Jenna Ortega is already a well-known name in the field of terror, but seeing her for the first time in a leading role and revealing these skills, which were quite hidden It is most fascinating. And it is that it is enough to watch a few seconds to be entirely hooked on those arrhythmic movements and disastrous expression.

It was through a tweet from the official Netflix account that the 20-year-old actress revealed that she felt quite insecure with the scene, since she choreographed it herself and does not feel like an expert on the subject. Even so, that went to the background since she became a trend on TikTok, where only the most important and popular things of the moment parade.

Finally, get ready to listen Goo Goo Muck of The Cramps in all possible places, because there is no doubt that it will be in every corner of the world. Along with this, we are also preparing to see what music by Lene Lovich or Siouxsie Sioux and steps by Bob Fosse return to the spotlight, as Jenna confessed that she was inspired by these to mount her mesmerizing steps. Although you will also be surprised to know that she added some winks from the first series of The crazy Adams. simply iconic.

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