This is how Reese Witherspoon reacted to the ‘Legally Blonde’ scene in ‘Merlina’

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A series that has managed to become a trend on the Netflix platform is merlinthe new adaptation of the saga of Los locos Addams, but with a version that is the product of the revolutionary mind of creator Tim Burton.

all the scenes of merlin They are incredible, but there is one in particular that we all found very funny. This happens just when the peculiar girl is invited by her crush Tyler to see a movie, and thus enjoy a romantic date, but to the surprise of all the spectators, the tape that is projected is legally blondesomething that seemed to the Addams girl as if it were a horror film itself.

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image from TikTok where Reese Witherspoon reacts to the Merlina scene where they mention her movie Legally Blonde, Reese wears a black and white plaid shirt, long blonde hair loose behind her, the characters of Merlina and Tyler appear

Reese Witherspoon did not want to miss the opportunity to share her reaction to such a funny scene with her TikTok followers. Seeing Merlina’s shocked face, the actress who one day played Elle Woods, she couldn’t stop smiling.

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The reaction of the eldest daughter of Morticia and Homer Addams is fascinating, since her face reflects the horror that such a pink ribbon produces in her. The success of including this scene is impressive, as it has attracted a lot of attention among viewers of the series, especially those who, at the time, showed great affection for Elle and are now being conquered by Merlina.

That moment when you recognize the horror movie in ‘Merlina’.

Reese’s reaction to Merlina’s astonished look never ceases to make us laugh. In addition, Witherspoon took advantage of her tiktok description to send a small message to the Addams girl:

TikTok text written in English by Reese Witherspoon

Give Elle a chance, Merlina!

if you already saw merlin but you missed legally blondeit is time for you to enjoy it, because as Reese assures, you must give Elle a chance.

Source: Okchicas

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