This is the millionaire amount that celebrities earn on the red carpets

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Every time celebrities appear on the red carpet we wonder how much their cost outfit for this important night. It is inevitable to believe that they spent a large sum of dollars on their dresses, but the reality is very different because they do not pay, they receive the money!

It’s all about a market strategy. The more garments of a designer wear and show off makeup made by certain stylists, they receive a payment, since they are actually advertising to those who help them and that means generating large profits. Did you know how much famous women earn? In case you have no idea, here we leave you the exorbitant sum.

Money, money and more money

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Lady Gaga wearing a white dress during the Oscars

Once the celebrities choose which brand and stylist they want to work with, they sign various contracts, in which they are called “brand ambassadors”. For this reason they wear the different designs every time they step on the red carpet.

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Brandon Maxwell and Jessica Paster, stylists for celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kerry Washington, revealed that celebrities can receive close to $ 250,000 just for looking beautiful at events.

If a designer asks my artist to wear one of their creations, we can negotiate the price. If they offer me $ 150,000 to convince my client to wear a beautiful dress, you’re going to be like: ‘and where do I sign?’

Some stylists just want them to look beautiful

Emily Blunt on the Mary Popyns red carpet wearing a white dress

However, the main goal of some stylists is that their clients look spectacular and exude glamor during such an important night even if they do not make any profit. Jessica Paster, stylist for Emily Blunt and Hilary Swank, mentions that her main objective is not that of a business.

They can’t give me a horrible dress for my client. If I accepted the money to put it on and ended up looking bad, I wouldn’t be doing my job right.

Every time stylists convince a celebrity to wear certain brands, they are making close to $ 50,000.

They lend the famous dresses

Jennifer Lawrence wearing a red Dior dress at the Golden Globes

In addition to designers lending them the dresses, different jewelers also lend them their designs. Some even send bodyguards to guard their impressive jewelry.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the actresses who has an excellent contract with Dior, as the actress received close to 15 million dollars. However, you must wear outfits from the fashion house for three years in a row.

Hairdressers get their share too

Actress during the golden globes wearing a yellow dress

The rate usually ranges from two thousand dollars to six thousand dollars a night, but they have to do different tests before the big event so that it can be decided which hairstyle looks best, is the most innovative or goes best with their face and type dress to wear. As for makeup, it is charged from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000. The manicurists charge about three thousand dollars.

Attending a red carpet is undoubtedly one of the best deals celebrities can do.

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