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This is where the helicopter of the Iranian president crashed – Video with rescuers searching in the middle of a strong storm

Searches are underway for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi after his helicopter crashed in heavy weather near Jolfa, a town on the border with Azerbaijan. Iranian media reported a “hard landing” and began broadcasting prayers, without revealing further details. Also on board the helicopter was Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian. In fact, Fars news agency denied the helicopter crash, but later published a photo from the site of the investigations, writing in the caption: “The investigation is being conducted in the forests of Arsbaran in the area of ​​Pir Dawood to the area of ​​the Sangun copper mine. The area under consideration is located in the northern part of East Azerbaijan and the city of Warzghan and includes mountainous, foggy, rainy and inaccessible forests. The photo with the site of the investigations: Also, on the X platform, a video was published of the rescuers searching in inaccessible forests in the middle of a strong storm that is hitting the area and significantly hampering the investigations. They decrease […]
Source: News Beast

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