This ‘miracle baby’ was photographed holding his mom’s IUD in hand

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It is well known that there is no contraceptive method that is 100% effective, however we trust that they will take care of a pregnancy that is why we never think that one day we will be giving birth to a baby or at least this girl thought so.

Paula dos Santos Escudero Álvarez gave birth to her second child in the city of Rio de Janerio in Brazil in the strangest way possible, because she took care of herself with the Diu and the day the baby was born the little one was holding him in her hands.

This baby was a “miracle”

The baby, which by the way they named Bernardo, was born at 36 weeks, weighed 7 kilograms and measured 49 centimeters, the doctors said he was a very healthy child, but that was not impressive, but he appeared holding his mother’s IUD in hand.

The photographer Michelle Oliveira, who was with Paula during the delivery capturing every detail, said that the little one was a miracle, because her mother had been using the intrauterine device for three long years until she became pregnant.

He was born despite the fact that his mother was on contraception

Mom holding her baby on her chest while he brings a Diu in his little hand

But Bernardo is not Paula’s first “miracle son”, as her eldest son, Gabriel, was born when she was taking the pills. During an interview, he clarified that he did not know what was happening.

I can’t even complain, they chose the time… I had the IUD in because I wanted to try another contraceptive method, without hormones. Since I got pregnant on a pill. I got the Diu in May 2018, a few months after the birth of my first child. I found out I was pregnant from my period. It was late afternoon and my breasts were swollen, just like in the first pregnancy. The beginning was distressing because I did not know if the IUD would bring me some kind of problem or malformation in my son, but after medical appointments I felt calmer.

Her pregnancy was a big surprise

couple in hospital receiving their child

The obstetrician, Beatriz Tupinamba, said that the pregnancy rate for women who use this method is only 0.6 percent and that generally doctors try to remove the device as soon as possible but that in other cases, such as Paula’s, it was not. possible because the wire was not visible.

On the other hand, the photographer Michelle said that this was undoubtedly a surprise and that the photo was perfect, although they did everything on purpose, since the device came out first and then they placed it on the baby’s hand to give it more dynamism and call it ” the miracle baby ”, which of course is.

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