This poor girl wanted a ‘balayage’ and it ended so badly that she had to cut her hair

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Blond is the favorite hair color of many girls, although genetics have given them a dark or brownish tone. For that very little reason, those who go to hair salons to get their hair dyed were relieved when they opened them once the pandemic relaxed a bit.

Unfortunately, one woman didn’t get the job she wanted on her hair. She asked the “expert” for blonde highlights in a scanning, but what they did to her was a disaster that forced her to cut off her long hair.

I wanted a subtle scanning and it ended with a disaster

TikTok user named Brenda was left with a mess in her hair instead of the beautiful golden locks she had asked for. The “expert” girl did not know what she was doing, let’s say she only applied two dyes without following a pattern such as that of the scanning.

Yes, this was done in a salon, no and this was not her first ‘balayage’. I got my money back and then I reported her.

Instead of a golden head of hair, her hair was auburn and the roots were still very visible. Also, they looked awkwardly covered over the top of the head.

Users assured that this stylist was not an expert

Girl showing her disastrous balayage

Among the comments he received after posting the video one user wrote:

I was about to get mad at you, thinking you were going to overreact, but OMG! I would never let a client of mine go like this!

Brenda was on the verge of collapse and she replied:

He really couldn’t believe he thought this was okay. And then she said she should let him fix it. And end up bald? No ma’am. He then took the photo and continued to look at it proudly.

In the end she had to find another stylist to fix the mess

@ btrevy16

yes this was done at a salon, no this was not her first “balayage.” Yes I got my money back and reported her. #hairfail @bradmondonyc

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Brenda also commented in the video that she had to go with another girl to try to fix all her disastrous hair and she told her that they would have to cut several inches of her beloved hair to do it. She agreed because she had no choice.

The whole situation was horrible, but do you know what’s the worst? That the first stylist who dyed her was a friend of her mother. Most likely, after this disaster, the friendship ended for good.

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