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This week’s major crypto events

Vela is preparing interesting updates, PancakeSwap is distributing rewards among the community, the US is publishing fresh CPI data – we tell you about the main events of this week, July 8-14, in one article.

Vela Update – July 8

Multifunctional decentralized trading platform Vela announced several important events at once.

The project has launched a new version of the protocol — Vela V2. The updated version brings with it many new features, including:

  • Improved tokenomics.
  • Advanced platform features include flexible vesting options and a simplified staking page.
  • New system of rewards and community incentives.

In addition, the site opened a prize pool of 500 thousand ARB as part of Grand Prix Season 3.

Token unlocks – from July 9

The week that has begun once again pleases investors with a new batch of large unlocks, which the community always awaits with great interest.

The most notable will be the unlocking of nearly 200 million Xai (XAI) tokens.

PancakeSwap Rewards – July 10th

This Wednesday, the popular decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap will begin a new round of reward distribution, the exchange team announced. reported on his X-account (formerly Twitter).

It is known that on the specified date, DEX will distribute the income from the new veCAKE staking pool among the community. According to the announcement, as part of the distribution, users will be able to receive rewards of up to 5% of all trading pairs.

Earlier it became known that the crypto exchange is going to update the protocol to the fourth version. The deployment of V4 will bring new features such as the instant accounting function, support for different types of pools and much more.

US CPI Data – July 11

This Thursday, at 15:30 Moscow time, in the USA will share fresh data on the current state of the consumer price index (CPI) in the country.

The CPI is the main measure of inflation for the U.S. economy. It takes into account the goods that consumers use every day and compares their prices from year to year.

The June core CPI is forecast to come in at 3.1% y/y, down slightly from the previous reading of 3.3% y/y in May. This is a fairly positive sign, as the higher the US consumer price index is expected to be, the more pressure there will be on the BTC price.


This week we are expecting several important events at once: token unlocks, Vela update and PancakeSwap rewards. All of them are capable of raising the mood of the crypto market.

However, investors and traders will, as always, have to keep a close eye on the US market this week. The release of fresh CPI data could dampen market sentiment.

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