This Xiaomi electric toothbrush is charged once a year. She has a 3 year warranty in Russia

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Usually, Xiaomi devices and gadgets from its ecosystem compete with competitors by offering identical features at a lower price. However, there are pleasant exceptions, when the devices of the Chinese brand are far ahead of their counterparts, while maintaining a low cost. One of these is the Xiaomi Nandme NX 7000 electric toothbrush.

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Typical electric toothbrushes need to be charged once a month (when brushing your teeth twice a day), or more often. Nandme NX 7000 is revolutionary in this regard – its autonomy is 1 year. At the same time, the accompanying indicators are standard: full charge via USB in 12 hours, up to 41,000 vibrations per minute. Apparently, the secret lies in the combination of energy-efficient filling and a large 2600 mAh battery.

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At the same time, the manufacturer did not save on other characteristics – the brush supports 15 types of work, that is, 5 brushing modes with 3 intensity levels for each of them (the declared 365 days of battery life refer to the minimum intensity). At the same time, the Nandme NX 7000 is very quiet – the maximum noise is only 68 dB. The brush has a built-in memory, so you do not have to select the desired mode of operation every time.

One of the main features of this brush is a three-year after-sales warranty, which is also valid in Russia (since the manufacturer has various distributors in the country). At the same time, to fix possible malfunctions, it is enough just to shoot them on the camera, you do not need to send the brush back to the manufacturer – in case of confirmation of a breakdown, he will send a new copy for free.

View on AliExpress — promo code LDEVENT009
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The Nandme NX 7000 comes with up to 12 replacement tips, which will last for 3 years of use (including replacement every 3 months). In addition, she is given a free set of branded threads as a gift, which is sold separately for $ 9.99. The toothbrush itself, with its entire set, costs $32.49.

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