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Thorns on SYRIZA’s road to the polls

By Niki Zorba

Although scenarios have reached the “ears” of Koumoundourou that bring the prime minister, instead of an autumn election that has taken all the paper of the scenario of the last weeks, to finally choose a broad restructuring, the planning, the challenges and the concerns in SYRIZA are not transformed at all .

Alexis Tsipras, moreover, insists on his assessment that for Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the polls in the fall are a decision made because he wants to prevent the social and economic woes that come with the first drops of autumn and will gradually escalate in the winter, which it is already announced that it will be extremely difficult.


If, however, for the government the road to the polls in September has many asterisks and is composed of many “ifs” and “ifs” (Greek-Turkish, fires, etc.), for the official opposition it looks like a “terror train”. And this is because it falls significantly short in the opinion polls from a government that is judged not very positively in the qualitative data of the polls for their accuracy, energy and management, but Koumundourou herself has a constant, very serious issue to appear as a reliable alternative proposal.

The reflection on this in SYRIZA is neither new news nor has it been going on for months, but the closer the party is to elections – since it estimates that it is a matter of two months – the more the approximately eight units behind the ND. in the measurements, they make it difficult and communicatively his ability to play how the “political change” is ante portas with the advent of the “progressive government”.


The other day, in an interview (OPEN), Mr. Tsipras repeated the same pre-election narrative: A progressive government from the first Sunday, provided that SYRIZA is the first party. The prognostications (that is, polls) but also the polling surrounding (what the pollsters discuss in their private conversations), almost “rule out” a reversal, except of course, a dramatic unexpected.

This, combined with the fact that KINAL is in no way agreeing – for the moment at least – to a post-election cooperation treaty with a prime minister or the president of the ruling faction or SYRIZA, makes the scenario, as rhetorically promoted by the official opposition leader, to be full of “political voluntarism”.

At the same time, in no way auxiliary to Koumoundourou, the discussion that has been opened for cooperation between SYRIZA and G. Varoufakis, mainly because he “scratches” wounds of 2015, which the middle class, which SYRIZA is trying to appease politically, remembers with a certain… horror.

Hence the N.D. follows a “reminder” strategy of the first half of 2015, with the known results, which Mr. Tsipras attributed to “delusions”.

Middle class

The elections will be judged by the economy, all the political players agree, including Alexis Tsipras, who is investing in an agenda of precision and insecurity for the coming winter. The more insecure and exposed the middle class feels from a government, the stronger its political opponent becomes. Correctly;

Not exactly. And in the most difficult hours of the government, in the spring, when it seemed to be emptying its poll tank, not rapidly but steadily, the “container” of SYRIZA, was not filled. However, not sufficiently and not encouragingly. This is the major issue for Koumoundourou and time does not seem sufficient.

The credibility building that the official opposition party has been working on for months now is proving to be a very difficult bet to win. Even if, to a large extent, the “observation” of SYRIZA that the anti-SYRIZA front has weakened is valid. It has faded, but it has not aired out. Moreover, it does not seem that the pre-election period will help to eradicate it, much more so when the ruling faction will invest in the comparison: Who do you trust to govern you in the next such critical period for Economy and National issues: Those who brought you to your knees in taxes and did they put us in “unnecessary adventures” or us who despite the challenges and difficulties coped with these difficult three years?


SYRIZA is trying to overcome these dilemmas or, more precisely, to cancel them through targeted program positions and events, in order to raise the profile of its “governability”.

The event that is being prepared to take place next week, in which Alexis Tsipras will present the program and positions of SYRIZA for the “national roof”, has such a goal.

The data used by SYRIZA for their analysis and proposals state that:

– One in two citizens has difficulty paying their rent

– Over 30% are late paying energy bills

– Over a third of citizens spend 40% of their income to cover housing needs.

– While competent sources of SYRIZA told “K” that there is an urgent need to change the bankruptcy law because it has “worse forecasts than what the IMF requested during the bankruptcy years”, announcing a special processing of the party for a “new bankruptcy”.

* Republished from “Chapter” in circulation

Source: Capital

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