Those good girls is a beautiful journey

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Sandra Milo, Orietta Berti And Mara Maionchi, I am Those good girls, that is the protagonists of the new docu-reality broadcast from Thursday 19 on Sky Uno and streaming on Now. Six episodes lasting one hour. The idea behind it is this: take three TV ladies (an actress who made history, a singer with a 50-year career behind her and the most energetic record producer ever) and send them off to an unknown destination – the Spain, they will discover only later – cameras in tow.

The first stop is Madrid, where the three go to live together in an apartment. Although Sandra Milo preferred “the comforts of a hotel”. Don’t forget: the girls travel aboard a fuchsia van leopard print. The three o’clock on the road trip, as if it were that of high school, works. Mara, Sandra and Orietta are fine, very well indeed. And they show they can (still) have fun.

There is Sandra, the diva, 89 years old and the freshness of a little girl; there is Orietta, 78, the more practical one than to a group of young people met in a Madrid club looks like this: «” Do you know Fedesss? “,” Achille Lauro? “. I sing with them, they are my friends ». And about Milo he says: “‘Do you know Fellini?’ She has always worked with him, she was his lover ». Finally, there is Mara, 81, the most pragmatic: “I have calculated, in three we make 248 years”. Who cares. «We made this trip for the pleasure of being together», continues Mara, «it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun. And then as long as there is life, there is hope ». The message, in fact, is one and it is very clear. “It is not a journey in search of lost time, but in search of a new time”summarizes Milo well.

The funniest moments according to Orietta: “When we danced the flamenco Mara and I and it looked like we had been drinking beer.” Strengths: «The ability to pass through obstacles, always saving us, like eels». Soundtrack: “You solved a big problem but then I have a thousand left.” Curiosity? “Orietta washes at night. She stays up until dawn to wash everything », Maionchi explains,« If you pass by by mistake, she washes you too ».

Will there be a sequel? The three warn: “We would like it, but if Sky wants to, he must hurry!” Credits: “We wish you all a trip like this”, they say. And they are right.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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