Thousands of citizens in Rome said “goodbye” to Rafaela Cara

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Thousands of citizens, in the streets of the Eternal City, wanted to say “thank you and have a good trip” to Rafaela Kara, who lost the battle for life last Monday.

Rai presenters, employees and journalists honored the great singer and showman. The body, in black hearses, moved in front of Rai headquarters, in her offices in both theaters where Rafaela presented almost countless, successful shows.

The applause is prolonged, the emotion is obvious and thousands of bouquets. The Romans went out on the balconies and windows to say “grazie Raffaella”, notes the APE-MPE.

Her ex-partner, dancer and director Sergio Giapino, was very excited and wanted to stay with the hearse driver all the way.

Yapino asked all those who loved this special woman, on Friday at twelve noon (when the funeral will take place in the church of Santa Maria In Ara Celli in Rome) to go to a church in their village or town, in whatever country they are in, and light a candle or pray.

“Rafaela Kara is the ultimate proof that you gain and maintain publicity and success just by working hard every day,” said Rai journalist Bruno Vespa.

At six o’clock in the afternoon in Italy, at the Rome Capitol, the body of the Italian artist was exposed in a popular pilgrimage, which will last until Friday at noon.

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