Thousands of people use the TSE platform to ask questions about elections

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The Superior Electoral Court provided an information channel to clear up possible electoral doubts.

More than 530 thousand people are registered on WhatsApp and there are 291 thousand people registered on Telegram.

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The application automatically sends links with what has been verified by TSE partners on the researched topic.

The automatic channel brings several subjects of interest to the voter, ranging from information about the day, time and place of voting to tips for poll workers.

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The main objective of the tool is to facilitate citizens’ access to the Electoral Justice, so that everyone can get informed to vote safely in October.

The virtual assistant also offers a service aimed exclusively at clarifying fake news involving the Brazilian electoral process: “Fact or rumor?”. By selecting the topic, the user can access some content denied by fact-checking agencies.

To start the news checking wizard, send any message, such as “hi”. From the “View Topics” menu, choose the “Fact or rumor?” option. and then select “Make an inquiry”. After that, send a subject or link about the electoral process.

Source: CNN Brasil

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