Thousands of Turks are protesting against the poor state of the economy

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More than 5,000 people demonstrated in Istanbul today to protest inflation and declining purchasing power, in a first major rally over the weeks-long turmoil in the Turkish economy.

In a demonstration organized by the main unions, the protesters protested against the fall of the Turkish pound and the inflation that reached in November, according to official data, 21.31% on an annual basis.

Opposition groups and observers have questioned the official figures, accusing the National Bureau of Statistics (TUIK) of degrading them. Real annual inflation is closer to 58%, according to a study by the ENAG (Inflation Research Group), which is made up of independent economists.

This table is further tarnished by the Turkish pound, whose value has fallen by more than 45% against the dollar since the beginning of the year and by almost 30% since the end of October.

“We are getting poorer every day and more, but everything is going well according to the gentlemen who run the country. We say that we can no longer meet our needs, TUIK pretends that inflation is only 21%. (…) Do not make fun of “Intelligence of the working class!”, stressed Arzu Tserkezoglou, president of DISK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers’ Unions) in her speech during the demonstration.

“We no longer have the means to take good care of our family. (…) We can no longer make ends meet,” said Simbel Cilic, a car parts factory worker who came to protest.

The protesters mainly demanded the increase of the net minimum wage, which is currently 2,825 pounds (179 euros), to 5,200 pounds (331 euros).

Protesters also chanted slogans demanding the resignation of the government.

“The government has to leave because, in order to fill its pockets, it is emptying ours. That is why we are on the road, so to speak, it is enough now,” said Fatma, a municipal employee.

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