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Threat of radioactive leak in Russia – Waters approaching mine with 7,000 tons of uranium

Authorities in Russia are on alert following the threat of a radioactive leak as flood waters approach a mine containing around 7,000 tonnes of uranium. The problem began after the incredible downpour that hit Kurgan and Orenburg in the Urals, as the water level rose significantly, overflowing a dam in the area. According to Newsweek, the authorities evacuated thousands of residents from their homes due to the rushing waters and now have to take care not to pollute the rivers, because there are many uranium mining sites. The Russian research website Agentstvo reports that the biggest concern concerns the Dobrovolnoye mine, which contains about 7,077 tonnes of uranium with a grade ranging from 0.01% to 0.05%. Andrei Ozharovsky, an expert at the Russian Socio-Ecological Union's radioactive waste safety program, said the spill from the Dobrovolnoye mine will lead to an increase in the concentration of uranium salts in the Tobol River, and this may contaminate residents' drinking water. […]
Source: News Beast

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