Three capitals start vaccinating children this Tuesday (18); see calendar

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This Tuesday (18) the vaccination against Covid-19 for children from 5 to 11 years old begins in two capitals: Natal (RN), Boa Vista (RR) and Teresina (PI).

Brazil has already received two batches of the immunizer from Pfizer, the first being last Thursday (13) and the second on Sunday (16).

The city hall of Natal reported that the doses received (4,550) will include children with disabilities or who have comorbidities.

For the vaccine to be applied, parents must bring the child’s identity document or birth certificate, proof of residence in Natal and some document that proves the permanent disability or comorbidity.

The secretariat recommends that registration be made in the RN Mais Vaccines application to avoid queues.

To mark the beginning of the vaccination of this public, the Municipal Health Department will open the campaign at 10 am, in the vaccination room at Midway Mall.

The city of Boa Vista reported that the immunizing agent will be applied in nine UBSs to avoid agglomerations. Parents must bring their children from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Those who show proof of permanent disability or comorbidity will be vaccinated.

Teresina (PI) started scheduling children with comorbidities or disabilities this Monday (17), and will begin to apply the immunizer today from 8 am.

Vaccination has already started

Vaccination campaigns across the country began effective last Saturday (15), in nine capitals: Florianópolis, Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande, Salvador, São Luís, Fortaleza, Aracaju, Vitória and Recife.

On Sunday (16), it was the turn of Brasília and João Pessoa to start immunizing the group.

On Monday (17), ten capitals began vaccination in the children’s group: Belém, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia, Maceió, Manaus, Porto Velho, Curitiba, Macapá and Rio Branco.

Porto Alegre will start vaccinating children on Wednesday (19), and Palmas scheduled the start of immunization for Thursday (20). Cuiabá opened the registration for children on Monday (17), but did not say when the immunizing agent will be applied.

Vaccination of children against Covid-19 in Brazil:

Reference: CNN Brasil

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