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Three Greek regions rank among the deadliest in road accidents in the EU

Three Greek regions are ranked among the deadliest in road accidents in EUaccording to its data Eurostat for 2021, which were released today. Specifically, according to the European Statistical Service, in 2021 there were 19,917 deaths from traffic police accidents on its roads EU, equivalent to 45 deaths per million inhabitants.

The region in the EU with the highest rate of road traffic deaths it was Severozapaden in northwestern Bulgaria (133). In total, there were 20 EU regions with at least 80 road traffic deaths per million inhabitants. These areas were mainly located in Romania (six regions), Bulgaria (three regions) and in Greece three regions: Peloponnese (109), Northern Aegean (103) and Central Greece (89). Followed by Croatia, Poland and Portugal with two regions each, with the remaining regions located in Belgium and Italy, as reported by APE-MPE.

Some of the highest rates of fatal road accidents were recorded in rural areas, while urban areas and capital cities tended to report much lower rates. The lowest traffic fatality rates were recorded in urban areas, such as Brussels with 7 traffic deaths per million inhabitants, Vienna (8), Stockholm and Bremen (9).

Source: News Beast

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