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Tierra Patagonia: hotel bets on design and blends in with the Chilean landscape

THE Chilean Patagonia is a more than special call to practice the ecotourism in its fullness. Everything leads to this: the climate, the guides, the beautiful harmony between fauna and flora and, not least, the scenarios that leave anyone with goosebumps.

Hotels spread across this immense and magnificent region, which overlooks the territories of the Chile and gives Argentinaare already born with the concern of preserving the surrounding environment in the most effective way possible.

It is in this spirit that the Tierra Patagonia welcomes us to the shores of the Torres del Paine National Park , located 15 minutes from the main entrance to the protected area. Completely embedded in the landscape, it rises between rugged mountains and the stunning Lake Sarmiento.

With a balance between a cozy atmosphere and a bold design project, the hotel is practically camouflaged by the surrounding nature.

The proposal was to mimic the landscape: installed in an extensive field, the horizontal construction was designed so as not to stand out from the vastness of the prairie directly in front.

The enterprise is a brother of hotels Tierra no Atacama and on Chiloé Island which opened in 2010 to offer an option of comfort, well-being and integration with the environment in one of the most sublime places on the planet.

During the passage of CNN Travel & Gastronomy in Patagonia the hotel was my home for a few days, and I was able to enjoy expeditions around the region, be impressed by the local beauty, relax in the spa and enjoy excellent cuisine.

Between mountains, meadows and glaciers

Tierra is a hotel where we manage to balance the expedition atmosphere with the appreciation of the local beauties: wherever we look, it seems that we are inserted within a frame.

For this, large windows open to the outside and provide phenomenal views, both in the common areas and in the rooms.

Even with all the expeditions around the park, it’s a place that feeds on the spirit slow travel , in which the cool thing is to enjoy the facilities without haste. I say it’s a great destination in itself.

In addition to a library with landscapes to be observed all day, the hotel also has a living room and bar, dining area, indoor pool, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi and spa.

Are 40 apartments in total, 37 are doubles, with about 36m², and three suites with 51m²: the bedroom and bathroom are on a lower floor and the living room on the upper part.

All are facing the lake and the mountains, in addition to being equipped with a bathtub and heating. Like the hotel as a whole, the guest rooms follow the property’s elegant and subtle design.

relaxation and gastronomy

The interior of Tierra Patagonia is also home to a spa stunning. While temperatures outside can drop to below zero, inside, the warm atmosphere helps us relax even more.

Local elements are worked with the treatments, such as stones and water. There are more than 14 types of treatments including facials, body and special baths, as well as massages.

Heated, the indoor pool has large windows that look out onto the outside. It is as if we are in an extension of the landscape while swimming in warm waters.

Sauna is also part of the coziness, but the options are topped off with outdoor hot tub . It is quite an experience to be covered by warm waters while we are practically in the heart of Patagonia.

Back inside the hotel, another point that makes us warm is its gastronomy. Inputs from nearby farms and local Chilean products are the protagonists.

Seafood comes from Strait of Magellan red fruits come from El Calafate , city next to the park’s glacier. How about trying the Patagonian roast , mutton barbecue in which the meat is slowly cooked in a charcoal oven that refers to ancestral flavors? Here too.

To accompany the delicacies, the menu is an invitation to taste Chilean wines. Every day at night we also have a broth option in the restaurant.

Before or after meals, resting by the fireplace in the hotel’s living room is an ideal program.

Patagonian adventures

Of course, surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, outdoor experiences would be an important part of the stay. There are more than 30 excursion options that can be taken from the hotel, and the tours cover Torres del Paine and the Patagonian fauna, flora and life.

Daily meetings are held with guides, who show us tours according to each person’s interest and preparation.

Hiking, trails, horseback riding and observation are the most common outings.

From the hotel I went to the blue lagoon inside Torres del Paine Park, where we get up early to catch the slender sunrise between the surreal mountains.

It is exciting to see the sun’s rays, one hour reddish and another time orange, intermingling between the peaks, with a path also marked by trails and viewpoints with privileged views.

The noise of the water accompanies us on the way and the higher the path goes, the more ice on the ground increases. After a few hours of walking, we arrive at the viewpoint, which offers us beautiful views of the lagoon and the horns of Torres del Paine, symbol of the park.

The site also has views of the Sierra Baguales , already belonging to Argentina, known as a mystical place, according to our guide. The place is also unique as it preserves marks and fossils from various eras. It is, without a doubt, a place full of energy.

Recently, the hotel closed an agreement with the Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation of joint cooperation that promotes the education, care and protection of wildlife in Patagonia, especially the pumas, one of the animals that we can find freely in the region of the park.

An excursion invites guests to walk trails in a very subtle way, which allows you to see the cats from a distance. The cost of the activity is reverted to the foundation. It is also possible to observe other species, such as guanacos, rheas, mountain eagles and condors.

After doing activities in an adventurous Patagonia, there is nothing better than returning to the hotel and having a well-deserved rest.

Accommodation packages at Tierra work on an all-inclusive system and include transfers, full board, open bar, spa facilities and daily excursions.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa
15 minutes from the entrance to Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
Phone: 0-800-761-1627

Reservations via site

Source: CNN Brasil

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