Tifon gas station network to start accepting cryptocurrencies

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Tifon, a network of Croatian petrol stations, will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for fuel and other products and services through a partnership with Electrocoin.

Through a partnership with cryptocurrency payment platform PayCek from Electrocoin, 46 Tifon gas stations in Croatia will begin accepting BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP and EOS for goods and services.

According to Nikola Škorić, Electrocoin CEO, PayCek will convert cryptocurrencies to Croatia’s national currency, the kunas, and then transfer them to Tifon.

Tifon said the new service could be popular with foreign and local tourists who visit Croatian cities and coastlines in summer. Tifon Chief Financial Officer Ana Lokas said:

“Although cryptocurrency payments in Croatia are still in the early stages of proliferation, thanks to the introduction of this payment option at all Tifon stations, we expect further growth and development of this sector.”

Recall that in 2019, the Croatian Post announced a test launch of the service for exchanging cryptocurrencies for cash in the city of Zadar. The service was also provided in partnership with Electrocoin.

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