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TikTok Deifies Bin Laden’s 9/11 ‘Letter to America’

Effervescence prevails on the Internet, because many of its users TikTok and especially Westerners who have no ties to Islam or the Muslim world of the Middle East, begin to deify his letter Osama Bin Laden with which he justified her September 11th.

According to New York PostThe letter was first published on 24 November 2002 in the Observerbut the Guardian maintained an articlewhich quoted only what the famous “letter to America».

So, the particular article went viral on TikTok with several saying that it “opened my eyes” and that “sometimes terrorist acts are resistance to oppression”.

The British Media therefore deleted the article and in its place put a link that leads to a new text, where it quotes the article, but also an analysis at the same timeto ensure that no one is influenced by the former al-Qaeda leader’s ideas.

The image shown in the Guardian link where there was once a related article:

Source: News Beast

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