TikTok for safety with minors: “It will be an increasingly safe place”

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«Our goal is to make TikTok an increasingly safer place to allow anyone to be able to express themselves freely, to explore without danger and without risk », he tells us Alexandra Evans, European head of child safety on TikTok.

A goal that is certainly not simple but that the social network loved by young people wants to achieve by continuing to develop advanced protection systems and functionalities. The recent update of the Family connection which provides advice for parents developed directly in collaboration with the boys and with security experts from the Internet Matters organization.

«Very often parents are unable to keep up with all the technological evolutions and to know in detail every aspect of the platforms and the related safety issues and that is why we have developed a function called Family Link. This tool allows parents to associate their TikTok account with that of their children teenagers to enable a series of content and privacy settings, ”recalls Alexandra.

Since it was launched at the beginning of last year, the Family Link has received numerous updates to further increase the safety of children using TikTok. The last contribution provides to parents a kind of practical guide to increase awareness not only of the platform but also to better understand how to relate to children to ensure an online experience safe and fun.

The guide is developed in 5 tips that teenagers would like to receive from their parents:
– help me understand the rules;
– be available for dialogue;
– do not panic when things go wrong;
– trust me;
– respect our privacy.

«The most difficult aspect of online security is to find the right point of balance between the freedom to explore content and to express oneself freely and mitigate potential risks as much as possible. Precisely for this reason we work in two directions, foreseeing one safety by design therefore with technological functionalities that for example prevent the sending of direct messages to children, but also educating and increasing knowledge by involving all the parties involved “.

Thanks to the Family Link, parents can set up a time limit to spend daily on TikTok but also to set some search constraints preventing direct access to content, users, hashtags and sounds that may be inappropriate. This constraint can also be set to limit the contents that appear on the Feed.

“Our commitment to increasing the security of TikTok is constant and since I joined the company 18 months ago we have made a lot of progress but this is a constant work that never ends. Our goal is also to to be the leading company in ensuring the highest level of security between online platforms, triggering a virtuous circle with all the actors involved so that this level rises more and more in every digital context »continues Alexandra Evans.

All these tools are a very valuable help but the vigilance and attention on the part of parents and everyone remains fundamental so that social networks are a place of evasion and stimulation, protected from dangers and threats, sometimes even serious.

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