TikTok Generation: Luciano Spinelli

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1- Hello! Introduce yourself for us!
Hi everyone, I am Luciano Spinelli I am 20 years old and I live in Milano. I have been a content creator for quite some time now, it has already been 6 years since my first videos… amazing how time flies!

2- How do you express your creativity on TikTok?
In so many ways, it is a pride to have been among the first in Italy who choreographed on the app. In addition to dancing, I make funny videos, I act, I draw, I am versatile. Here, I like to wander.

3- What video did you most enjoy making?
Why this very difficult question? I can never choose just one, also because I am the kind of person who does not deny anything of what he publishes. I love the content that I put online and, before I publish, I try to give the right attention to all the details, so I can’t really pick just one.

@lucianospinelliVoi quante ne sapete? 😄 ♬ Dance without having heard the audio – Guuss🔥

4- What are your favorite effects?
I don’t use effects. Maybe I use some filters to adjust the brightness or the colors, or the green screen for a specific category of video.

5- Music: Italian or foreign?
Foreign music most of the time, but I also love Italian music, some songs I will carry in my heart forever. In particular, I let loose on the unbeatable Italian summer hits!

6- What do you watch on TikTok: do you have favorite accounts?
I usually look at the trends and all the news, but in the “for you” section of the app I see the most disparate types of videos, so I happen to really see everything) Oks Dane, Federica Gibellini, SickVladi, Wandoo, all great friends.

@lucianospinellilei sbaglia sempre 😂 @oksdane♬ Wet Shoota – sound remixes

7- Can you give me some advice for making cool videos?
Yes of course, choose a cool trend, with trendy music, learn the movements well, do not be satisfied, everything must always be perfect. The “eh oh well even if I’m wrong two things does nothing” is not contemplated from my point of view. Then choose a neat background and nice light so you should be able to make a cool video

8- Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
From my daily life, from what surrounds me and not least from the web itself. Definitely on TikTok trends are the ones that dictate the law.

9- Something that few people know about you?
Being a public figure who talks about his daily life, there are very few things that I jealously guard while protecting my privacy. Let’s say that few people know that I am fresh from my license and that a passion for engines is being born.

@lucianospinelli Taken from a true story… mine 😰 ib: @ ceciliamaschi_ ♬ City Traffic Jam, Cars Honking Repeatedly – DJ Sound Effects

10- What is your secret dream?
Carry out the acting. I wish I had the chance to turn it into a job.

11- What does TikTok represent for you?
All social media but in particular TikTok they represent a way to give vent to my passions. I have always liked to entertain the people who follow me, open a smile and always try to pass a message of positivity.

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