TikTok generation: Tommaso Cassissa

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Tommaso Cassissa he doesn’t need too many introductions: with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million on TikTok, he is one of the most loved creators in Italy. We interviewed him and he created 2 videos exclusively for us which you will find on our Tik Tok account this week.

1- Hello! Introduce yourself for us!
Hi, I am Tommaso Cassissa in art Tommycassi (which then I have very little artistic if it was enough for me to shorten my name and surname to find a nickname). I am 21 years old and I am from Genoa. Every day I entertain millions of people on the various platforms and I pretend to follow the lessons at the university reducing myself to the last with the study, every now and then I also write songs and present programs on TV.

2- How do you express your creativity on TikTok?
On TikTok I express my creativity as I have always tried to do on all other platforms or in a totally spontaneous way. I try to tell myself by adding a good dose of irony and to share with the world everything that makes me laugh.

3- What video did you most enjoy making?
Often the funniest videos are the ones that are born quickly. I have a lot of fun shooting parodies about my mother or songs in which I vent against the infinite amount of things to study.

4- What are your favorite effects?
Definitely the Green screen effect that allows me to realize a lot of crazy ideas. Also what makes the mouth giant: even if there is no valid reason it always makes me laugh.

5- Music: Italian or foreign?
I usually listen to rap music that often touches on themes very close to the artist, so I feel more emotionally involved listening to Italian songs rather than American ones, for example. As for other genres, however, I prefer foreign music.

6- What do you watch on TikTok: do you have favorite accounts?
On Tiktok I mainly follow foreign accounts.

7- Can you give me some advice for making cool videos?
They just have to look cool to you. The more satisfied you are with your video during production the more satisfied you will be during publication regardless of the result.

8- Where do you get inspiration for your videos from?
I take inspiration from everything around me, from my family to my friends, especially from the negative or “annoying” things that happen to me every day.

9- One thing they don’t know about you?
As a child I was terrified of being alone, it was one of my greatest fears and this is perhaps why I surrounded myself with millions of people.

10- What is your secret dream?
I wish I had my own show on television.

11- What does TikTok represent for you?
For me, TikTok is an outlet, fun, fun. It’s a place to take refuge whenever the world bores me.


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