Major Overhaul in Tiktok’s Privacy Settings For its Younger Audience

TikTok tightens its privacy guidelines for users below 18. An effort to increase data privacy for its younger userbase, after facing a backlash from federal regulators on how TikTok’s privacy settings worked.


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Starting from this Wednesday the default privacy setting for users aged between 13 and 15 will be updated and everything will be made to set private. Which means that all the content that is uploaded by the user to the application can only be viewed by viewers that the creator approves as a follower. However, there will be a choice made available to the young creators to make their accounts public if they please. The download option will be disabled regardless of the privacy settings for content creators below 15 which means the duet or remix feature will also not work. For users of age 16 or 17 they will have the option to re-enable this feature. Direct messaging services will be disabled, and they won’t be able to host live streams as a part of this new policy. Older users however will have the choice to re-enable this feature. This policy update will also be applied to new sign-ups by default that fall under the prescribed age slabs.

Family Pairing

A new tool known as family pairing is also introduced as a part of this new change that allows parent accounts to be linked with their children’s account so that they could monitor their kid’s TikTok activity and manage their privacy settings as young teens often don’t seem to care about their privacy as much and focused more on the popularity.

What’s in store for the future?

Majority of the userbase that TikTok consists of are young teenagers of ages ranging mostly from 15 to 18. This change will dramatically affect how they interact with other users and the app as well. They can become unpopular or loose a large amount of their following due to this change.

TikTok is uncontrollably well known with youngsters and more youthful children. A component called TikTok for Younger Users offers pre-chosen, “age proper” recordings. The element was added after TikTok’s archetype,, settled FTC claims that it illicitly gathered individual data from kids. It additionally consented to pay $5.7 million.

A month ago, the Federal Trade Commission asked TikTok’s parent organization, alongside Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and five other online media organizations to give nitty gritty data on how they gather and utilize customers’ very own information and how their practices influence kids and teenagers.

TikTok users are asked to place in their birthdays when they are signing-up for the app, be that as it may, likewise with other social media platforms, there is no genuine confirmation to guarantee it is genuine and not fake. It is yet to be seen how this change will be welcomed by the users and what this change means for the future of TikTok. On TikTok’s part, the company says the changes are “aimed at driving higher default standards for user privacy and safety” and meant to get younger people to think about privacy at an earlier age.

Source Tech Crunch

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