TikTok removes 20 million profiles suspected of belonging to children under 13

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O TikTok removed more than 20 million profiles suspected of being under 13 in the first quarter of this year. From January to March 2022, a total of 20,219,476 accounts assigned to children and tweens were deleted from the platform.

The social network also removed 20,890,519 fake profiles, as well as another 3,328,993 for other reasons.

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It was the period with the highest number of accounts removed from TikTok since the company began the survey in July 2020.

“In addition to removing accounts for violating our Community Guidelines, we remove accounts that we identify as spam, as well as spam videos posted by those accounts. We also take proactive steps to prevent the automated creation of spam accounts.

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Of the total number of videos removed due to policy violations, 41.7% correspond to “child safety”.

It is part of the category content with nudity and sexual activity involving minors, harmful activities, physical and psychological damage and sexual exploitation of minors, in addition to grooming behavior.

“The purpose of our policies regarding minor security breaches is to promote the highest standard of safety and well-being for teenagers. Our ‘nudity and sexual activity involving minors’ sub-policy prohibits a wide range of content, including ‘minors in minimal clothing’ and ‘sexually explicit dancing’; these two categories represent the majority of content removed based on this sub-policy. Child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) are accounted for separately.

In the analyzed quarter, 102 million videos were removed or restored. In addition to content removed for “child safety”, others were removed for violations such as “illegal activities and regulated goods” (21.8%), “adult nudity and sexual activities” (11.3%), “violent and explicit” (9.6%), “suicide, self-harm and dangerous actors” (6.7%), “harassment and bullying” (6%), “hateful behavior” (1.6%), “violent extremism” (0.7%) and “integrity and authenticity” (0.6%).

According to the survey, the total number of videos deleted in the period corresponds to 1% of the total published on the platform. Of these, 95.1% were removed proactively, which means that the social network identified and removed it before a report was made; 93.7% within 24 hours of publication; and 90% before any viewing.

TikTok has mapped the thirty markets with the highest volumes of videos removed. Brazil is included in the list, with 4 million content removed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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