Tiktoker mixes history with gossip in ‘Story for Dummies’ and you have to see it

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Talking, studying or telling some historical data is almost always very boring and tedious, but we live in a time when everything is easier due to social networks and we are almost sure that this new method will change your perception of history.

Surely in your passage through social networks you found a video of a map with eyes and it was really funny. It turns out that it is the Story for Dummies profile and it is dedicated to making videos in which it quickly and easily explains different events of the past, from wars to invasions that happened all over the world.

The best of history told with good gossip


Reply to @ maryfermorales7 Afghan Conflict, Pt # 1 #AprendeEnTikTok #Edutiktok #Historia #HistoriaParaTontos #Fyp #ParaTi #Pt

♬ original sound – HistoriaParaTontos

This great historian decided to create a channel to help everyone better understand issues such as the Conquest of Mexico, the First World War and even the diplomatic crises that have happened throughout history throughout the world, but he did so by giving it a touch of humor.

Although his name is not known, we learn that he is a graduate of International Relations at the Faculty of Higher Studies of the Autonomous University of Mexico, because recently professors of the degree congratulated him for his great work.

His success has already spread throughout the Internet


Independence of Mexico, MEGA SUMMARY #Fyp # México #ParaTi #PT #Historia #HistoriaParaTontos

♬ original sound – HistoriaParaTontos

The name of the page may sound a bit aggressive, but TikTok is known to be a social network that has a lot of sarcasm and is a valid name. Regarding its content, its topics are not offensive and do not underestimate anyone’s intelligence, on the contrary, this profile is ideal so that everyone can understand a little more how historical events happened without getting bored, as happens in some classes because teachers they don’t give that little flavor to gossip.

His peculiar way of telling situations has already made him successful, because he already has more than five million followers on the popular social network. In addition, it is conquering Instagram, because there, too, it has already reached more than 100,000 followers.

So now you know, if you want to know about history and at school they do not explain to you as they should, this channel will help you and, who knows, once you listen to it, it will also make you the most expert in your classroom.

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