TikToker was stunned by the “something like a swimsuit” he ordered – “It’s like a hammock for the vagina”

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Sexiness and comfort are not two terms that are necessarily combined in fashion. And one of his stars understood that TikTok when he ordered an “extra revealing” swimsuit from a well-known clothing company. The “one-piece” swimsuit was so transparent that almost everything shone.

The famous TikToker, Sam Ramsdel, famous for the “biggest mouth in the world”, shared the funny video with her followers, commenting that “this is not okay”.

The first time he saw the swimsuit was when he saw an advertisement from the company in which a model took a selfie presenting herself in a one-piece suit.

“There is no way this thing can fit in my vagina” – The video with 2 million views

Commenting on the strange and cutting of the clothes, Sam says: “There is no way I can fit my trick into this thing. She has no lips! “

The open design on the side leaves just enough fabric to meet the needs of the model.

“This is suicidal. This is a real bay hammock, “commented TikToker

When she is looking for her partner to see his reaction, she decides to take off her bikini and says “Part of her vagina was completely out”.

James immediately detaches himself from her uniform and stops looking at his phone, remains speechless while Ramsdell is heard kissing him.

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