Till Lindemann, school bullying and Russian gadget brand in a new scandalous video

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The plot of the video touches upon the important issues of school bullying, bullying, violence and teenage aggression in a rude and provocative manner, so characteristic of an artist. All these problems were relevant in the Soviet era, and continue to remain so today, as the video tells about.

The connection between the past and the present is supported by the integration with the young domestic brand of gadgets and musical accessories Accesstyle, whose slogan “NOT for children accessories” fits perfectly into the concept of the video.

“We support Till Lindemann’s desire to raise and speak about issues of teenage violence. His new video has a poignant social context that affects each of us. Therefore, having learned about this project, we could not pass by, and we are glad that we were able to become a part of it, ”says Ivan Paikov, project manager of Accesstyle.

It is worth noting that on the very first day, the video collected almost 2.5 million views on Till’s official channel and caused a wave of controversy. His music videos, which are often provocative in nature, always attract a lot of attention from viewers and music critics – they are real short films filled with drama and metaphors.

“This is not our first collaboration with famous performers, but the first with a star of this level. Many of the colleagues who work on the creation and promotion of Accesstyle love Till Lindemann’s work and are proud of our integration, ”added Ivan Paikov, Accesstyle project manager. He also noted that in the future, the brand plans to continue successful interaction with the artist.

The Accesstyle brand was founded by one of the largest suppliers of IT equipment, the Marvel Distribution company. Using the experience gained over 30 years of working with various manufacturers of portable electronics, the company brought its own brand of accessories to the market. The first Accesstyle devices appeared on the Russian market in 2019. Now the company’s assortment includes several types of headphones, external batteries, wireless chargers and speakers.

Till Lindemann’s music video on the Accesstyle Instagram page: www.instagram.com/p/CPpkv6BHiBm/

For more information contact:

Alexandra Fateeva,

External press service of the Accesstyle brand


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