Tilly Ramsay, who knows how to fix the reporter who calls her “plump”

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A 67-year-old man, a well-known English radio host, taunts her live calling her “chubby” and she, Tilly Ransay, 19-year-old daughter of chef Gordon, responds with grace and maturity via Instagram, while at the same time receiving the solidarity of all British public opinion.

Times are changing and even these episodes prove it. After the case of 17-year-old Jolanda Renga, who from her Instagram profile had taken the defense of mother Ambra Angiolini, bringing the facts back into perspective and demonstrating more wisdom and ability to react than many adults, another teen, this time in the United Kingdom, uses the social network to respond and “fix” those who had offended her. And he succeeds very well, with style and firmness.

“I try not to read or listen to negative comments about myself, but being called into question on national radio by a 67-year-old man is a bit too much”, wrote the girl avoiding, with class, to reciprocate the conductor with the same coin. “It is not the first and surely it will not be the last time that someone starts to question about my size: I am learning to accept it as I am learning to accept myself. But please remember that words hurt and in the end I am only 19 “, he added, collecting over 400,000 likes and 20,000 comments. “I realize that being a public figure has repercussions, I’ve been aware of them since I was little. However, I will no longer tolerate that people consider it normal and legitimate to publicly inspect and comment on the physical appearance and weight of anyone. ‘

Tilly Ramsay, despite her young age, she is not really a girl looking for visibility: star of TikTok, where she is followed by 9.6 million users, in Great Britain she has been known since she was a child for having participated in the cooking program Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch with the rest of his family, he wrote a cookbook, he participated in Celebrity Masterchef Australia and is now a competitor of Strictly come dancing, the dancing with the Stars across the Channel. A role that, however, according to Steve Allen, the host of LBC who offended her live on the radio, does not suit her: “She absolutely doesn’t know how to dance, she’s already bored me, then you didn’t notice how beautiful a pie? Probably for his father’s kitchen “, he said without restraint, heedless of the consequences on the girl and sure of a certain “immunity”.

His considerations, however, this time were not forgiven. Rightly. Neither from the direct interested party, nor from public opinion, given the outcry in defense of the girl. Dall’Independent al Times, from Guardian all’Evening Standard, the press condemned bodyshaming en bloc, show business figures have backed Tilly publicly disputing Allen, while hundreds of people wrote to Ofcom, the Communications Authority, to complain.

From Allen, who often already in the past had distinguished himself for inappropriate comments, so far, no hint of an apology. But perhaps the very young Ramsay’s answer was such a lesson that it left him speechless.


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