Tim Burton is a faithful friend (of Johnny Depp)

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Tim Burton, 63, acclaimed screenwriter, director with a passion for gothic and fairytale settings. But most of all faithful friend for those lucky enough to enter his heart. One of them is Johnny Depp, 58, a dark star recently a bit tarnished in Hollywood, after the troubled divorce from actress Amber Heard who accused him of repeated violence. S.And the movie industry turns its back, not so does Tim Burton, who in an interview at the end of the Rome Film Fest wanted to reiterate the affection that binds him to his favorite actor: “I’m happy to have worked with people like Johnny and with all those ready to try something different, I like being with people who inspire me. I would work there again, he is a friend of mine and I love him ».

Tim Burton’s partnership with Johnny Depp was born in the nineties: the first film that saw them together is Edward scissor hands (1990), which still today both define as their most important. Other works followed: from Ed Wood (1994) a Dark Shadows (2012) passing through The Sleepy Hollow Mystery (1999) e The Chocolate Factory (2005), just to recall some of the greatest successes of the tried and tested duo.

Tim Burton e Johnny Depp

Jeff Vespa

The esteem between the two is not only artistic and the bond is so deep that it also involved Burton’s family: Depp is godfather to his two children, Billy Ray (2003) e Nell (2007), born from the union with the actress Helena Bonham Carter. The same a few years ago spoke of a love that unites them all: “My children are crazy about him. They don’t know Johnny Depp. They know Willy Wonka, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter. I don’t think they’ve ever seen it natural. I always have to ask him to come and see us with makeup on, otherwise the children won’t let him in. ” Once, jokingly, he even said that the director had chosen her as his partner because he found in her some resemblance to Depp. She was also forced to deny the rumors of a love affair between the two and the time they asked her if she wasn’t jealous of that friendship, she joked: “No, because Tim doesn’t have sex with us”. Even today, that her sentimental union with the director is over, Helena Bonham Carter is on excellent terms with Depp, so much so that he spent words in his defense after the sentence that condemned him for violence against Heard: «None of this story makes sense. He is a far from stupid man. I don’t think he would have gone this far if he thought he was wrong. ‘

Tim Burton e Johnny Depp

John Shearer

So the recent words of Tim Burton have reconfirmed the friendship between actor and director, so strong that many times those who know them have emphasized how they have even developed a private language. Even on the set they communicate in a kind of code based on short sentences, hints, so that only they understand. And Helena Bonham Carter was once forced to admit: “When they are together I don’t understand the lines. They seem to have had the same background, which I don’t have, and if they try to explain to me the reason for the laughter I often just say, ‘Huh? Thing?'”. In truth, perhaps, even they do not understand each other completely, by admission of Tim Burton himself who, interviewed by MTV, confessed: “It is wonderful to have someone with whom to have abstract conversations, after which you leave the room happy, as if everything were wonderful, and immediately after realizing that, reflecting on it, you do not he has absolutely no idea what we said to each other ». Could this be the secret of a friendship that has lasted for thirty years now?


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