Time and space

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This article is published in Vanity Fair issue 28-29 on newsstands until July 20, 2021

Assuming that we exclude the kidnapping style Misery doesn’t have to die and that in a couple you are together with joy and desire, what alternatives do you have? I always believe that it depends on the reasons: if it is a moment in which he is not well focused on what his priorities are, if he is in a phase of confusion in which he cannot understand what may be the developments of the things he lives, if it is not more sure of the feelings he feels, if he feels pressures and ambitions or impatience and shortcomings that distance him from this relationship, in all these cases it seems sacrosanct to me that he asks for – and obtains – time and space to calmly reflect on what to do, where “calm I hope that’s the magic word for both of us.

Then if everything goes wrong you will be prepared, if everything goes well the surprise will be magical. If, on the other hand, you fear or suppose that the pause for reflection may actually be called Francesca and have a fourth D cup, all the more reason we begin to distance ourselves.

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